Chipshopw LED display,LED screen,LED signs,LED billboard ,LED module

LED display,LED screen,LED signs,LED billboard ,LED module

Several different splicing technology of LED display

Led display all together is not easy, like configure an assembly of the computer, even led display together more complex, more should pay attention to the steps. It is linked by lots of module, the module is made up of many lamp bead assembly, this step is a ring then a ring, inside have to be careful, otherwise the led display effect is produced.

Only by understanding these aspects of knowledge, the led display will be safer, better, because it is related on high brightness led display power, single packaging of high power high brightness led’s cost is high, and now into the practical application of the single power of high brightness led display is very small. So must be multiple led display are arranged together in accordance with the requirements, on the one hand, able to meet the wide range, high brightness, dynamic display, color changes, such as application requirements, on the other hand can satisfy the drive led matching with driver matching requirements. Mainly introduced four kinds of led display below the connection form:

1, whole series form: general LED in a simple way of series connection – n, end to end, equals the current flows through the led display work. Another is in series connection with bypass 1.1 way of improvement.

2, the whole parallel forms: one is simple in parallel form, the other is a parallel form of independent match. LED in a simple way of parallel – n fore and aft in parallel, work equals the withstand voltage on each led. The reliability is not high, but also for parallel form adopted independent match about this problem, a single led display driver with good results, protection, complete failure does not affect other work, can match has many characteristics, such as bigger difference.

3, hybrid forms: by telling on each of the parallel and series of the advantages of the proposed integrated. Also includes 2 kinds. One is after the first string and hybrid mode, the other is a first and after a string of hybrid mode.

4, cross array form: cross array shape is mainly for the sake of improving the working reliability of the led display, reduce the failure rate.

In the LED display connection mode are diverse, each step does not allow a connection error, so that engineering technical personnel is a must to know, the above four kinds of connection form of advantages and disadvantages of each have a specific issue concrete analysis, finally found his form is suitable for connecting the led display.Many engineering technology people tend to ignore this, lead to led display appear all sorts of problems, finally let customers lost confidence to the company. , often a small detail decides success or failure, so do the must in led display technology, do fine. I believe that is advocated by each enterprise company culture!

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The cause of the rapid development of LED display industry abroad

Although our country led display industry is still on the market is optimistic, but that is a surface phenomenon, actually are behind the many hidden trouble. Such as the industry standard, the main factors such as technology research and development, can lead to the development of China’s led display industry cannot quickly a big obstacle, why international led display industry developing fast, it is because the corresponding measures were taken in the led display industry, industry standard complete, first-class technology.Let’s look at other countries in the rapid development of the led display industry factors have? And by other countries’ experience in the face of the current status of what is worth us to reference? Mainly from four points is analyzed and described:

A, grasped the key to the construction standard for patent system: led epitaxial wafer and chip is the core component of the led display industry, and is also the most concentrated and patent competition fierce, led display industry’s highest profit. The lack of core patent in epitaxial chips in our country, and this has become a core problem restricting the development of China’s led display industry.If you want to solve this problem, you must be a breakthrough in the technology, need to strengthen the top-level design, key technology and key for industrial generic products, taking advantage of unit as the backing, to establish an open, the combination of production, with technology innovation platform. To strengthen the construction of the standardization of led display products, give full play to the standardization of related organization, association, research units and so on various aspects of function, form with independent intellectual property rights of technology innovation system and standard system.

B, the control cost, accelerate the enterprise core competitiveness: led enterprise faces two big pressure in our country, the one is reduce the cost, another is to reduce the pressure on prices, on the one hand is the product energy saving benefits is difficult to make up for the led display cost gap; On the other hand is the result of a few enterprises of foreign technology monopoly, most of the profits of product was dominated by a few manufacturers, and our country lacks downstream products pricing power.Enterprise to solve this problem must be on the technology innovation, research and development, transformation and application of investment, research and development of a number of high value-added products, set up enterprise as the main body, market oriented, the combination of technology innovation system.

Third, standardize the market, establish and improve the product supervision mechanism: now in the market is facing fanfares phenomenon led display industry. False propaganda, chaos, issues of product safety, the inferior products occupy the market with a lot of unfair competition. So the product is an urgent need to establish an effective supervision mechanism to standardize the market environment.To establish and perfect the system of market access, improve the standards for admittance into industries and released to the market on a regular basis the performance of high quality led display products and safety indicators, push out inferior products; Build public led display product testing services platform, providing standards, product testing, qualification certification, brand promotion and other professional services to the standardization of led display industry market.

Four, a reasonable guide, watch the overheated investment and excess capacity: now due to the led display quality factors on the quality of the product and price, the market is difficult to completely broke out, but there are still a lot of investors and manufacturers, and even some part of the government departments at the county level in the preparation of led display screen industry park. This led to a sharp expansion capacity investment overheating phenomenon, the industrial chain upstream and downstream in excess capacity. For led chip, the core of the patent in China by foreign minority manufacturers under the condition of control, blind to expand capacity into homogeneous competition, resulting in a decline in profits even massive losses.So do not overheated investment, because of reasonable guidance, should collaborate effectively by optimizing the government and market mechanism, reduce the risk of excess capacity and the negative effect as much as possible. On the one hand, to adjust the industry structure, actively promote the surplus upgrading industry structure adjustment and eliminating backward production capacity; On the other hand to speed up promote the innovation ability of the industry, to vigorously promote the construction of innovation system, to perfect enterprise as the main body of the independent innovation system.

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Different application decision LED display driver

Through linear regulators to convert the voltage power consumption problems, this way is fit for the demands for avoiding noise (such as car audio) and thus cannot use the switch mode conversion circuit. And the characteristics of the switch mode conversion efficiency is very high, but it also has the problem of noise, so choose what kind of transformation way depends on what kind of application.

In general, the efficiency of charge pump drive way changes with the change of the input voltage, in the application of large range of voltage change, its efficiency is low; And in the application of voltage variation range is small, only when the input and output voltage is a multiple relationship between, it’s to achieve maximum efficiency, but it is difficult to achieve in the practical application of battery power. In contrast, the inductance of the conversion efficiency is not affected by voltage disturbance, application limits is less than the charge pump, so the conversion circuit adopts the inductive method.

Objective, evaluation of hb led driver IC performance according to the different application, cannot treat as the same. Such as decorative lighting applications in the control of the RGB color change demand is high, the performance becomes the main index, and in monochrome application does not require this. And as the application of narrow space requirement is heat dispersion ability; Automotive lighting alternative applications requires both the smooth with the original circuit system performance at the same time also require high reliability;

In nb led display screen applications, such as the series of led brightness more balanced control driver IC has precise control on every one of the current on the road, such as maxim product control accuracy can reach 3%; Projector applications require high efficient drive circuit, the ability to rapidly adjust brightness and thermal protection; In alternative applications, the performance is more reflected in the whole solution rather than a single driver IC. In general, integration of components, control the quantity, response speed, fault diagnosis, heat-resistant and so on all is the performance evaluation reference.

Usually, high integration aims to improve performance, but at high power, high integration in order to satisfy the large current will increase the chip area, while increasing costs also faces the problem of heat dissipation, so, how to balance the relationship between the power and integration issue is the driver IC design. Driver IC to the chip process improvement to meet the cost at the same time, to improve the packaging solution to the problem of heat dissipation.

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The six big market of LED display characteristics

A, the industry’s overall development reached the scale level

Main products of Chinese LED display industry not only occupies the absolute market in mainland China, and at the same time also occupy a certain share in the global market, formed a stable export. Product quality and reliability has significant improvement on the whole, LED display application of mainland enterprises in the construction of key projects and key project, in the international market competition, the ability of large display systems engineering to undertake implementation in improved significantly.

B, the industry technology progress, science and technology innovation to the industry development has played a positive role in lead and promote

LED display application industry overall technical level and international synchronized development, basic innovative products available to the last two years, the industry technology innovation activity, product technology development ability continuously strengthen. Meet specific application requirements of technical development, technical support and technical guarantee ability enhanced, key technology and the mainstream product development more mature.

C, Industrial development is standardized, intensive characteristics

LED display industry association for years has been actively promote the product technology exchange and carry out standardization work, through product technical standards, technical inspection of the products such as the standardization of the technical means to effectively promote the industry product development. Standardization, standardization, and so did the industrialization level of ascension, the accumulation effect of industry layout, such as focused more in shenzhen area the size of the enterprise.LED display applications industry in China in recent years in the development of an important feature is obviously increase the number of dimensions enterprises, medium-sized enterprises quantity is decreasing, small-scale enterprise quantity also have increased. Industry in general from the previous “olive shape” to “dumbbell shape shift.”

D, The LED display application industry to promote the development of upstream industry development effect is obvious

Realize the benign interaction between the LED industry chain upstream and downstream, new products, new technology application quickly, based on control, driving IC, LED chip material such as the development of technology, many enterprises within the industry comprehensive application, semiconductor lighting, LED lighting lighting engineering, etc, has formed a certain technical and production engineering basis. In traditional LED large screen display technology and products, on the basis of LED display products in the industry market share increase year by year.

E, the big event to industry development impetus effect is obvious

In 2008, 2009 annual growth in the industry, the Beijing Olympic Games, the 60th anniversary of National Day celebrations, the Shanghai world expo and other major activities of pull factors cannot be ignored. This, on the one hand, should have rational knowledge, on the other hand to take this opportunity to seriously sum up experience, actively promote technology innovation, develop new markets, to keep the industry sustainable development.

F, the industrial structure rationalization and perfecting in the adjustment

Industry specialization has become increasingly obvious, LED display application products industry chain shape the basic form, escalating laid a good foundation for the industry. In competition at the same time, the specialization of production, technology development, engineering services division of cooperation in the industry, market segments and highlight the core competitiveness and become many enterprises new concerns.

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10 technical parameters of outdoor LED display products

1, the definition: according to the best viewing distance point determine the screen area, resolution is “40000 pixels/m2″ optimal distance of 5 to 50 meters; Using the most advanced 16-bit data interface, further improve the clarity of the picture.

2, brightness, screen design in more than 2500 CD/m2 brightness, can not only ensure the normal order of the P5 indoor full color when using color fidelity, image is clear, and can ensure that the LED display tubes attenuation under the condition of more than 30% have enough brightness and video images of bright color.The refresh rate: between the processor and the screen body is made of super five types of twisted-pair shielded wire, high-performance control IC, can design high refresh rate screen in ≧ 1000 hz, in order to ensure that when the video playback without water ripple and flashing, full digital low dissipation, resistance to electromagnetic interference. Power supply and signal transmission way: because of the importance of full-color outdoor led display, so the power supply and signal transmission to special treatment on the technology, using high quality level of military connector design. Further in the connector control failure caused by different kinds of pull the lift.

3, the control mode: choose the independent design of control system, and on 240 hours of uninterrupted electrical aging filter, and then choose the highly reliable control system. And on the control mode with double redundant heat backup, once appear problem by another line access immediately, continue to work normally, the smooth connection.

4, raw material: LED display all the raw materials are choose famous brand high-quality products, the main LED lights use high quality LED light.

5, level 3 products aging process: first, the module of automated assembly line production electricity 24 hours aging, then 48 hours on a single box electricity aging, finally simulation finished assembly at the scene display electricity aging 72 hours straight, after they are qualified to arrived at the scene seat assembly.

6, the product quality control: all products in strict accordance with ISO9001-2000 quality certification system files for product manufacturing. (see quality certification), will be in strict accordance with the waterproof grade IP65 test, achieve completely waterproof effect. LED display installation and debugging: LED display installation and debugging in strict accordance with the design, installation level reaches more than class C (installation LED display the highest level).

7, leading system software (for) to screen and application: with Windows XP operating system and provided support for Microsoft Windows series of new products. All applications for Windows operating platform and friendly interface.Player software is rich in the clock function, it can show the current date, the current time, and time synchronization of computer display simulation clock, the clock can be also can be a digital clock. Threads software is installed with advanced technology, can multithreaded played when player software text, animation, clock, photos, audio, etc.

8, the consummation system function design (prepare) to screen and application: this system can meet the assembly, performance, and advertising on TV broadcast. This project LED display system with multimedia, multi-channel, can real time transmission of high-speed communications, data and video interface can be easily introduces a variety of information sources in the form of the computer network system, to achieve unified control of all kinds of audio and video input.

9 dynamic video, video playback function can show true color images; Can high fidelity on closed-circuit television, satellite television; A variety of video signal input/output interface: composite video, video Y/C (S_Video), YpbPr, VGA (RGBHV), DVI, HDMI, and SDI (HDSDI); Can hi-fi playback video, DVD, VCD, DVD, LD) such as video programs; Have on the video image superposition character, animated and static images, and other functions; By editing the equipment can realize panorama, close-up, slow motion, and special effects such as real-time editing and broadcasting functions.Brightness, contrast, saturation and chroma can be regulated through software, the adjusting range is for grade 256; With functions of image freeze; A Video superposition (VGA + Video), image (Video), VGA display mode; With horizontal/vertical position compensation function; With functions of display synchronization.

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The basic composition of LED display system 

The basic composition of LED display system

LED display is composed of a number of composable patchwork display unit unit display board or unit housing) constitute the screen body, plus a set of appropriate controller (master or control system So a variety of specifications of the display board or unit housing and control technology of the controller can be composed of many different kinds of LED display, in order to satisfy the different environment, the needs of different display requirements.

1) metal structure framework

Indoor screen is generally made up of aluminium alloy Angle aluminum or aluminum square tube within the framework of display board etc, all kinds of circuit board and switch power supply, outside the borders using dark brown aluminum alloy square tube, stainless steel or aluminum alloy package, or sheet metal. Outdoor screen frame according to the screen size and bearing capacity for Angle or i-steel commonly, the casing outside the aluminum-plastic plate can be used for decoration.

2) the display unit

Display the main body of local, composed of luminescent materials and the driving circuit Indoor screen is a variety of specifications of the unit display board, outdoor screen is unit housing.

3) scan control panel

The function of the circuit board is data buffer, compared various scanning signals, and gray level control signals.

4) switching power supply

220 v alternating current (ac) into various kinds of direct current (dc) to provide all kinds of circuit.

5) twisted pair transmission cables

Master meter display data and various control signals by the twisted-pair cable transmission to the screen.

6) The main controller

The input RGB digital video signal buffer, gray level transformation, reorganize, and produce various kinds of control signals.

7) All landowners special display card and multimedia CARDS

Besides has the basic function of the computer display card line digital RGB signal output and at the same time, also, blanking signal to control apparatus, etc. Multimedia in addition to the above function can also be the input analog Video signal into digital RGB signals (i.e., Video acquisition)

8) Today the computer and its peripherals

Mainly used for synchronization of video playback

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The value of LED display in outdoor media

We are now in the life, we always can see all kinds of advertising media, including outdoor advertising is to let us see more dazzling. So if we know that in all the advertising media, outdoor led advertising board is one of the oldest forms of media.It and trade was born almost at the same time and is rooted in the city, it and city people’s economic, cultural and social life, it is a medium for brand and product, it’s still beautiful symbol of city prosperous. These features formed the unique and irreplaceable value of outdoor media.

The material of outdoor led advertising board, advertising carrier all the time and the rapid changes over time. led video screen can be said to be the priority of modern advertising, LED display is developed rapidly in the world in the 1990 s new information display media, it is a combination of modern high technology, energy saving, environmental protection, colorful, wide dynamic picture and text, a visual display, and a series of advantages, can be said to be a new revolution of outdoor advertising, he lets us from the past static advertising into the dynamic of modern advertising.Outdoor LED display advertising screen area is large, visual effects, can attract the eyes of the audience, it is a new combination of media and technology. The changes made to its unique and irreplaceable value in the outdoor media.

Unlike traditional outdoor media, outdoor full-color led video screen is not just pure outdoor media, it also features and advantages of both television and other media.And outdoor full-color LED display is not just pure outdoor media and TV media is outspread, it has more creative space and a wide spatial and temporal interaction and communication with consumers stereo space, can meet the personalized needs, with the spread of digital era concept, is a unique form of the screen.

led video screen advertising features with high effective arrival rate at the same time, compared with television, newspapers and other media on the form, the price is relatively low. These unique value make full color LED display media logical to become the new outdoor media.

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LED color screen rental screen fire prevention technology

With the development of LED technology and continuous innovation, the application of LED display in stage performances and other places more and more, the LED color screen screen is becoming more and more prominent in the role of the stage performances and other activities. Today, large and small, on the stage, LED color screen screen figure can be seen everywhere. As people on the safety, enhance the consciousness of environmental protection concept, to the LED display the safe use of such as fire prevention technology is also put forward higher requirements and standards.

The led screen rental is becoming more and more widely applied, business performance, product type, such as literature and art joint performance of full-color LED display frequently appeared. To ensure the smooth operation of the performance, standardization and normalization of LED products has been on the agenda again.Especially the LED display screen has focus fire safety application technology. So in the mobile stage activities, such as LED color screen screen fire safety technology must attract the attention of LED display manufacturer.

Electronic LED rental screen with cabinet light weight, convenient to move, remove, design of lock, handle, the seamless Mosaic between implementation body, guarantee smooth and beautiful picture. Signal lines and power cord with waterproof connector connection box, convenient installation, simple operation; Body good waterproof, moistureproof, corrosion resistance, can be used in different climate zones around the world.

With IP65 protection class, making the display can continue to work in rainy weather, using temperature range can be in – 30 ~ 60 degrees, even in high humidity and high salinity of the air by the sea environment; Equipped with professional audio and video processing system, support stage a variety of signal processing, AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPBPR, HDMI, SDI, such as signal from the signal processing to ensure the quality, making it possible to play high fidelity image signal strength.

LED color screen without internal raw materials will affect fireproof effect, external configuration and design also is very important, but the external configuration mainly involves the fire problem in heat treatment, working in the LED display configuration platoon fan and air conditioning on the screen body internal heat cooling also is very be necessary.

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LED billboard products in the application of public transport has a great diversity

LED billboard one of the means is intelligent transportation system. Intelligent transportation System (Intelligent Trans portation System, hereinafter referred to as ITS) refers to the public or special audience to provide comprehensive information service of Intelligent transportation information System. Intelligent traffic information service system generally includes the information source, information processing and information display parts, such as the release shows mainly use a variety of multimedia display device.Because the LED screen has life, the characteristics of brightness, clarity, and there is no limit to the size, number of traffic guidance became a powerful assistant. Located in the city intersection, for example, LED display, it can display real-time traffic information of relevant road, instant boot driver bosses fast and convenient to arrive at the destination.

LED billboard can also be used to release carrier of traffic guidance system. Common traffic induction LED display means has induced LED display (variable information board), induced traffic path variable identification sign, stop signs, signs, etc. Only highway variable information board, such as the variable speed-limit signs display products market capacity in more than 500 million yuan each year. In addition to the outdoor applications, LED flat can also be airport flight dynamic information display system, railway passenger guidance information display system and indoor USES excellent display means.

The application of LED billboard in the field of traffic is inseparable with its own characteristic. First of all, the size of the LED display board is optional, and the TV sets we ordinary families, only that a few can choose different size. LED display board, can do big infinite, also can do, only a few hundred square centimeters. This can change the size of the space can adapt to various applications and requirements.

In addition, LED screen can be widely used to the application requirement of indoor and outdoor. Transportation industry is a typical indoor and outdoor of a large number of display screen application industry. LED screen according to different packaging can meet different indoor and outdoor display environment. Including outdoor screen in wind resistance, rain forests, the sun, as well as the low reflective, high brightness, big viewing Angle, etc, has a unique advantage. Become the main force of the traffic outdoor display. Inside is on display, LED screen also has the characteristics of highlighting, big Angle of view, ultra-thin fuselage, by airport, station users alike.

Life and maintainability is one of the biggest advantage of LED display board. A point is broken will not affect the overall work. Maintenance you just need to replace the corresponding points or module, the whole screen is almost not affected. Has the very high birthday noodles and adaptability of the dust, do not need to maintain long-term high load can work independently. At the same time has significant application advantages of energy saving, suitable for public facilities the policy trend of advocating energy conservation and environmental protection.

LED display board a variety of applications and its technical characteristic determines its developing transport infrastructure in the country under the background of must have a very good market prospect. At present, the domestic LED industry is still in its infancy, is not only a sunrise industry, and is the industry market is greater than the supply. LED display industry is also a good investment projects of many private enterprises and emerging entrepreneurs.

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LED display successfully applied in sports venues

In recent years, the application of the LED display is very extensive. The guangzhou Asian games since the Beijing Olympic Games, the world expo in Shanghai, shenzhen universiade and euro 2012, London Olympic Games held in sports venues use the LED display screen have sprung up in front of the world.

LED display technology matures, also, there is a special sports venues, popularity is often full. But the camera switch to LED display picture can be a closer look at events, satisfy people’s needs and desires.Although far from the venue audience might not be able to catch a glimpse of sports stars of the wind, but the LED display technology support, no matter sit the position of the near and far, will be seen. Photoelectric chip is a set design, production, installation and after-sales service all-round service of large companies, under the impetus of the current market constantly learning new technology, stadium LED display hope to be able to do better.

Stadium in LED display requirements has particularity, one of the most important is security. The demand for the safety of sports venues display accord with the requirement of SJ/T11141-2003 in 5.4.In addition, the screen should be a separate power supply in sports stadiums, cable line construction acceptance must be in accordance with GB50168, GB50171′s request, the quality of the project shall comply with the requirements of GB50303, sports venues display in the LED module shell, LED module filled rubber, PCB board, the power cord sheath must be flame retardant materials, such as sports venues display have the functions of power distribution cabinet shall have overload protection, leakage protection function and step-by-step electric function and so on.

So strengthening the stadium LED display business development will bring our big challenge, but as the stadium LED display matured and believe that we will be more skilled to master relevant knowledge and technology, the stadium in LED display do more perfect.

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